Version 1.19 of Andro Shredder – Emergency Update

Version 1.19 of Andro Shredder has been published on Google Play.

There was an error in the uploaded 1.18 APK version on Google Play, which caused the app to stop immediately after start.
A new APK was built and uploaded, version 1.19 should work without problems now.
Sorry, if that caused any trouble.

  • Added option to select all or just visible search results

    In the search result, you now can select all found items or just the items that are visible on the display.

  • Added option to limit search results

    To prevent from out of memory errors, which can stop the app, a maximum number of search result has been added.
    It can be adjusted at the search screen. Lower it, if you observe memory problems.

  • Fixed mail link in help

    The E-Mail link in the help page was not working.

Get it on Google Play

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